Ive done a CANADA-WIDE kijiji search; theres 15 available from 2019-now, mines the lowest priced one on there. (so no lowballs thx)

Full warranty through Suzuki. Fully transferrable (stays with bike / vin actually.)

Never been dropped. No damage of any kind.

Serviced twice yearly. Spring service and Winter Service (Completed end of Oct)

Full inspection completed from GW Cycle World At the end of October this year (2021) for your peace of mind. ($300)

Comes with black tinted wind screen worth 150 (will include original) and carbon fiber seat cowl worth 450
(standard equiptment is a passernger seat, which is also included, and a clear windshield included)

Tires like new.

Front and Rear epxensive brand bike stands are available for winter storage if you want, for 300 addl. They are new this season.

Owned many bikes in the past and this is by far the smoothest ride Ive ever had.
The double butterfly valve system they have makes the throttle the smoothest of any bike Ive been on.
Cant even begin to describe it - youll have to ride it to understand what youve been missing.

MSRP is 16k plus fees/taxes, so nearly 20 grand.
Blackfoot Motor sports still sells new 2019s for 12,299 right now (they sell 2019-2021 (there were no 2022 due to covid) plus tax, plus freight/delivery/pdi/doc fees/all the usual bs from dealers.
All in comes to nearly 15000 (even more for BC if anyone is lookin from there)

Price is 11500 - you save 20% from msrp/fees/freight/tax